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Oz​er International is a family owned Natural Stone Company that has been successfully operating since 1998. Natural stone has been one of Turkey's main exports for decades, and there is still plenty to be found. Our Marble Group extracts more than 50,000m3 of blocks from its quarries. We specialize in natural stones- Marble, Granite, Travertine, and Limestone. 

All of our natural stone blocks are all cultivated in-house. We use high technology methods to cultivate and fabricate Slabs, Mosaics, and Products in our warehouse.Raw materials are sent to factory in Turkey, then sent to our 32,000sf warehouse in Newark, NJ, where an in-house fabrication system with immense man power is available. Tiles, Slabs, and special cut-to size pieces can be ordered and fabricated into different finishes- polished, honed, sand blasted, and bush hammered upon.

Our Quarry and Blocks II.JPG



Natural Stone Fabricators Inc., is our in-house fabrication company that has turned Ozer Marble into a One-Stop-Shop. Our fabrication system is ran by professional fabricators with 20+ years of experience. With new engineering advancements, our CNC Bridge saws have the capacity to flawlessly create Special Cut-to-Size Pieces, Custom Edge Finishes (Beveling, Mitered Edges).Ozer Marble and Natural Stone Fabricators are known all over the Tri-State area for being the #1 material suppliers and fabricators for high-end development companies all over New York City.

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